Energy Audit is the first step for every industry, institute, commercial spaces, and societies to ensure efficient use of energy. Energy Audit involves systematic collection and analysis of energy-related data on a regular basis. The methodologically gathered vital energy-data is audited in detail, which both saves money and keeps the environment clean. Besides, we are also involved in Walkthrough Energy Audit, Power Quality Audit, Demand Side Management, and other conservation programs.

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Identification of energy for Efficient usage
Increased Cost-effectiveness, therefore saving opportunities
Low emission of Carbon dioxide
Minimised Greenhouse effect
Saves Power hence reduced electricity expenses

The Energy Audit focusses on assessing the present pattern of energy consumption in different cost centres of operation and highlights wastages in major areas. Thus, building an efficient energy usage plan.

The Energy Audit identifies the availability, reliability, quality and cost of various energy inputs to build a business case for investment with respective energy-saving potential targets for individual cost-centres.